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  1. Stu Chandler says:

    As a grandparent, I have the fun of sharing my interests with my grandkids – and in return, they have helped me learn how to use my smart-phone. It’s a double win!!

    • suzanne says:

      That is so true, Stu. Thank you for describing the technology that we use and can always learn more about from each other.

  2. Jean says:

    When I was growing up, our grandparents lived in the upstairs apartment. It was a very special relationship, particularly with my grandmother. Now that I am a grandmother, I long to have the same physical closeness with my grandchildren that I experienced as a granddaughter.

    • suzanne says:

      The physical bond between loved ones, especially between grandparents and grandchildren is very powerful. Your story demonstrates that, Jean! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. floyd says:

    Grandchildren are our reward for gray hair.

    • suzanne says:

      Hello Floyd. We all need rewards in life and this is certainly a good one for the transition into aging and later life that we all (hope to) experience.