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  1. Nancy C. says:

    Thanks Suzanne. I should have had this list BEFORE I went shopping!

  2. Stu Chandler says:

    My grandparents had their attic converted into a library when I was a child.
    They had what seemed like THOUSANDS of books on ANYTHING you could think of. It was a wonderful day when “Pops” would pronounce you old enough to trudge all the way up the three floors to the attic and you could pick out a book to read. If you treated the book with respect and looked after it and brought it back then you got to choose another. I have such warm and fond memories of these times and of course am an avid book reader to this day, decades later…

  3. Nancy Holloway says:

    As a retired teacher-librarian, I have enjoyed sharing books with children. I am looking forward to sharing my love of books with my little grandson. When he was born I was given a copy of All About Grandmas by Roni Schotter to add to my own library.

    • suzanne says:

      Thank you Nancy C., Stu and Nancy H. for your comments. Nice to hear about ‘All About Grandmas’ by Roni Schotter. I need to check that out. I also want to add ‘I Have To Go!’ by Robert Munsch to this growing list.

  4. Mal Cook says:

    Reading stories at bedtime with grandchildren is very special for us. Thanks for the list of good books.